Shirt of the Month // January 2022

Shirt of the Month // January 2022

New year. First shirt of the month as Gladhat. It's been a while.

I've been pondering over this shirt for 10 days now. I was feeling a lot of pressure to make our first S.O.T.M. under our new name really special. I probably mocked up 5 different designs before I just kept feeling like I needed to get back to the basics. And the basics for us has always been love. And love never fails. So here we are.

We asked you all to list some charities and non-profits that meant something to you, and we were blown away by how many we got from you all. I made an extensive list and can't wait to support so many of them. But, this week, one really stuck out to us and our theme for this month - The 12 Verse Challenge.

Over 1 Billion people on the planet right now are in biblical poverty because the bible does not exist in their language. The 12 Verse Challenge, started by illumiNations, is a commitment to fund the translation of 12 verses in the bible into a new language that would otherwise be in the dark. It isn't cheap to translate a verse... and usually this is a 12 month partnership, but through these shirts and through all of you, we want to do it in January alone. With each shirt you purchase, you are funding a portion of a bible verse to a new language. You are literally bringing God's spoken word into the light. Pretty cool, yeah?

Shop the shirt here.