Our Story

Gladhat (formerly Ragamuffin Co.) launched in December of 2017 in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina. Today we call Boise, Idaho home. We're a husband and wife family shop and just took a full year off to spend time with our first baby. We both have other full time jobs now, but we're so excited to get Gladhat back up and running!

So what's with the name, you ask?

Essentially, "Glad" is a state of mind we seek to be every single day. "Hat" is a nod to our family name and the fact that if you see me in person, I am most likely wearing a hat. So put it together and you've got "Gladhat"... our daily hope to see the good in the world as we wrestle with Faith, pursuing our dreams, and living life to the full.

Our mission is to make t-shirts and some other goods that help you seek the good in your life and those around you. The world is full of "mad and "sad"... we think it's about time we fill it with some "glad".

You are loved.

-Jacob and Jordan (and Poppy)