Our Story

Trying to come up with the words to describe "my story" feels a bit anticlimactic and melancholy. After 4 years running Ragamuffin and 6 months working on this rebrand, it is hard to find the words to describe why this business exists and what we are really bringing to the world. All of the same insecurities that I had 4 years ago still exist, but now the stakes are just higher, and I have much more riding on it. These insecurities and doubts used to make me feel quite small, but with each new day I am learning that these vulnerable shortcomings are the only reason we are still in business to this day. "Gladhat" is the culmination of a whole lot of dreams, fears, tears, laughs, prayer, and hard work.

So what's with the name, you ask?

When thinking of the future, we took a step back and really thought about what we might want to do with this little shop. With big dreams of a coffee shop and a mom-and-pop store, we saw it necessary to pick a new name that was both original and better suited our vision. Deciding to pick a new name was the easy part -- actually picking one took months.

Essentially, "Glad" is a state of mind we seek to be every single day. "Hat" is a nod to our family name and the fact that if you see me in person, I am most likely wearing a hat. So put it together and you've got "Gladhat"... our daily hope to see the good in the world as we wrestle with Faith, pursuing our dreams, and living life to the full.

Our mission is to make t-shirts and some other goods that help you seek the good in your life and those around you. The world is full of "mad and "sad"... we think it's about time we fill it with some "glad".

You are loved.

-Jacob and Jordan