End of Year Sale!

This is it.

At the rebrand, I promised myself that I would take it easy on the sales... something about needing to actually make money on the stuff we sell?

But anyways, Christmas was a couple days ago and we've all had a tough year so what harm could one more big sale do to close out the year?

Here's the deal:

We've got 20% off for all of you with code "FEELING2022". Plus we've got $5 flat rate shipping set up for every U.S. order. Our bundles are available through the New Year as well.

This will be our last sale for a while. We are gonna get back into our regular groove in January with a new shirt of the month, ambassador term, and vintage goods. We are super excited to get the new year started strong, but if you want to help us end this year on a good note, feel free to partake in our end of year sale!

One more thing... I'm really tired and needing a solid break so I'm taking a week off from fulfilling. All of your orders will ship by January 5th. Thank you so much for understanding.

You matter to me.